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Luke Stone is an artist of many different mediums.  His work has been published in five different countries.  Regardless of the job, Luke puts his entire creative mind into the work.  Whether it is a photo shoot or commissioned painting, a corporate advertisement or child’s first portrait the point is to capture the moment.  Every moment is unique and powerful.  Allow Luke to use his years of creative expertise to capture your moment.

The Road Home

I was going through some of the many photography files I have on my hard drive the other day.  As I sifted through the images, I ran across a folder titled "BLIZZARD".  I distinctly remember going out in January of 2014 after a fresh 14 inch snow fall.  I took my camera and 4x4 out early before anyone had an opportunity truly disturb the beauty.  That day was really cold.  I didn't make it out for a real long time and many of the photos either had my breath in the way or were out of focus because of the shivering.  However, I did get some really good shots.  

Now, a year later and living in beautiful Jacksonville Florida just a mere 15 miles from the beach, I look through these photos and my heart recalls that frigid Indiana day.  Honestly, I don't miss the cold... or the snow... but home is home.

I am learning that home is a really hard thing to define these days.  When I used to travel the hotel room became home for that night.  If I am here in Jax and I say home I mean my house here on campus.  If I say "back home" I am referring to those Indiana fields and the family that holds such  deep spot in my heart.  

Home... it can be a lot of places and look like a lot of things.  This image that I once called "The Road to No Where" just got a title change... "The Road Home" is what I will be calling this image from now on.  

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